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Almost every aspect of a business is vulnerable to legal issues. No matter how careful you are with your business planning and operations, you may not be able to prevent commercial lawsuits and disputes from occurring. Building a strong legal foundation within your organization can help mitigate damages and minimize costs.

At Bland & Birdwhistell, PLLC, we understand the significant effort it takes to maintain a successful and compliant business. Whether you are building, merging, or expanding your company, our team of knowledgeable business litigation attorneys can provide you with the legal advocacy and guidance you need to achieve your goals and protect your assets. And, should the need arise, we can help settle disputes and provide strong representation in your business lawsuit.

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Business Formation

In the normal course of starting a business, there are several steps that an owner must take. Decisions such as creating policies, procedures, and contracts, are critical and can hurt or protect an organization down the line. Our experienced team of attorneys at Bland & Birdwhistell, PLLC, can provide comprehensive legal guidance, and help you:

  • Choose a specific legal entity or structure
  • Fulfill Kentucky’s business registration requirements
  • Draft company agreements, bylaws, operating agreement, company policies, and procedures
  • Review contracts, policies, and procedures to ensure business compliance
  • Prepare corporate documents that reflect meetings of partners, shareholders, board of directors, managers, and members
  • Register your trademark and branding materials
  • Limit your personal liability
  • Protect your business from potential litigation

What’s more, our attorneys can help you establish key employment contracts, such as non-compete agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, and service contracts. We can also assist with contract drafting and review. Our attorneys will help you navigate the formation process and lay the proper legal footing that will protect you from personal liability.

Bland & Birdwhistell, PLLC provides comprehensive legal counsel and advocacy that helps you save time and money during your business formation. The attorneys at our law firm will eliminate the need to research and hire separate firms to handle the various business formation tasks. We are the right team to safely scale your business for potential growth.

Business Disputes

In every business transaction, contract, or agreement, all parties involved are expected to act in good faith. Unfortunately, disputes can occur between the parties over the terms of the contract or agreement. Although disputes are inevitable, where you are proactive in addressing them, you’ll stand a better chance of minimizing damages.

Our attorneys at Bland & Birdwhistell, PLLC, provide strong representation in various business dispute matters, including contract disputes, breach of contract, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, professional negligence claims, and employment disputes. Our experienced team is skilled in resolving conflict and protecting your assets.


Bland & Birdwhistell, PLLC provides comprehensive legal services in business law matters. If you are a new entrepreneur looking for guidance on business formation or an established owner involved in a business dispute, call us today. We’re a great legal resource for local business owners and entrepreneurs in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and its neighboring areas.